Sugar Might Be as Addictive as Cocaine

It’s legal, socially accepted, and lurking in everything we eat.

We reward children with it, over the holidays or for a job well done in school. And we reward ourselves with it — after a particularly stressful day or to celebrate a birthday or a special success. We add sugar to our coffee, bake it into our favorite treats, and spoon it over our breakfast. We love the sweet stuff. We crave it. But, are we addicted to it?

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The Ultimate Guide to the Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic Diet has been popular for over ten years, and with good reason: it’s simple, it’s healthy, and it works. Maybe you only heard about paleo recently, or maybe you’ve followed it for years. Either way, my hope is for you to learn how to best apply this ancestral perspective to all areas of your life.

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11 Simple Ways to Start Clean Eating Today

The term “clean eating” has become very popular in the health community. It’s a diet pattern that focuses on fresh, whole foods. This lifestyle can be easy and enjoyable as long as you follow a few general guidelines. Here are 11 simple tips to start eating clean.

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Sugar-free cheesecake brownies

These amazing sugar-free cheesecake brownies are flourless, low carb, keto, gluten free and grain free!

Perfect recipe for breakfast or dessert.

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Good4You Peanut bar with caramel flavour with coconut based couverture (20%), with sweetener 25g